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Tuesday, July 8th, 2008


It has been a long while since we have posted anything on out blog so here is an exciting update!An update on, with great news our group has been ACCEPTED to take part in SIGGRAPH 2008 being hosted in LA. We will be presenting the week of August 11 - 15 at Los Angeles Convention Centre. This is big news, for those unaware as to what SIGGRAPH (short for Special Interest Group on GRAPHics and Interactive Techniques) is a Internation Conference and Exhibition on Computer Graphics and Interactivity Techniques which is being hosted at the LA Convention Center during August 11 - 15 2008. In 2005 25 000 people attended the conference, this is something to be pumped about being accepted to.

EmoCapsule is a study of interactivity. Participants influence the installation by inputting their emotions at The website provides users with emotional statistics and trends based on frequency, location, and weather information collected. The installation is dynamically updated to reflect the dominant emotional mood.

Visitors interact with the current emotional state of the EmoCapsule installation - depicted through sound, text, and colour. Participants move and catch emotion words using their own silhouette and other objects. Participants make loud noises, triggering the installation to emit reactive sounds and display new words. These form a sort of conversation between the user and the installation space.

So if you will please check out and or the SIGGRAPH website. With Love JSHAW and the EmoCapsule Team

Processing + MySQL = Success

Saturday, June 9th, 2007

Sup guys,

An update with my processing stuffs.
Some good news, I’ve just got processing to connect with mysql database.
We now have control to create / insert / update / read data in processing.

I have mysql database installed on my powerbook and I’ve tested it and works beautifully.

TXT Update pt.1

Friday, May 25th, 2007

 The following is an update on where I am with the txting. I have a local flash program that retreives the txt from BPE, sends it to php file #1 which stores the txt into a database and displays the txt  back out on php file #1. I still need to develope the second part of the concept as to retreive the information from the database (the database is set up just as a test) via php page #2 and send it to another flash/processing file stored online to display the different txts. This will probably be done in elementry form by the end of the weekend. Once the steps are all finished and layed out I will just have to tweek the flash files and BluePhoneElite settings to make the program run cleanly and efficently. As soon as the program works in elementry form I will post my phone number, a time to send txt’s, and a link to the txt display page for testing.

 Some of the problems that I have run into and am noticing consists of the following:

  1. With the use of BluePhoneElite 1.0 the system only works with a mac.
  2. BPE gets the txt from your phone via Bluetooth. To receive a new txt a phone has to be within Bluetooth reception. This means that either we leave a phone by a computer all the time so it automatically updates the database when ever it receives a new txt (invest in a group phone either a plan or pay as you go with unlimited incomming txts) . The other option is to only post and allow txt’s  at certain times of the day or only when the installation it is on display. I feel the first option is a bit pricy but works best with the scope of the project it really deminstrates the purpose and technology aspect of SMStxting. The second option is cheaper, but it eliminates some of the purpose and awe of allowing people to submit emotions via txting.
  3. I have to play around with flash and BPE to try and prevent dialog windows/new windows from opening when a txt is received.

For the above reason, in the Google doc I wrote up yesterday I mentioned the idea of having a donate now Paypal button to help cover some of the cost of the project (ie: a phone and the plan etc…)

I have found a program from Rogers that seems to be simular to BPE but works with PC. I havn’t tried it because I run a mac but if anyone wants to test it out the link is here –>  Rogers.

I have briefly looked into SMS Gateways but they seem relativly expensive for our purpose. And am still unsure how the txt will interact with a computer and a database.

If you haven’t notices I did some research on Color theory and Emotions yesterday. It is posted in a shared Google doc.